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Hatch connects visionary entrepreneurs, founders, experts, and executives across industries, fostering in-person connections that drive innovation.

Join our curated business network for exclusive opportunities in professional networking.

Available in major cities across the US and Europe.

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Hatch is your key to effortless business connections!
Stay connected on the move, seamlessly update your address book, and receive exclusive invites to local events all while prioritizing meaningful in-person relationships.


A private business network that brings you together in real life.

Your social utility, not media. 

Discover nearby connections! 
Connect on the go and find members with skills that match your needs using keyword search.
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Matching beyond the basics.
Connecting you with potential partners for mutually beneficial collaborations. Achieve impactful results with minimal screen time. 
Simplify your connections.
Alawys up to date digital address book with social accounts, phone, and email. 


Access industry hubs relevant to your expertise, create your own private community, or become a host of

Hatch signature events in your city. 

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