What is HATCH?

Hatch is a business networking app focused on delivering the best business connections in collaboration with events.

How does it work?

You create 2 profiles:

1st is your virtual business card that is shared privately between two people by simply facing the phone screens toward each other. 

2nd is your networking profile that is shared with nearby users within your proximity or within the network. You will always instantly see everyone that can see you, which gives you extra privacy and spares you from hour long swiping through profiles. 

How Can I Join?

You can join the app as a part of for or non-profit organization. You can be referred by exclusive member or attend one of events hosted on exclusive network.


You can build your profile by importing your information from LinkedIn or Google: your name, company's name and email. Or you can build your profile from scratch where you will have the opportunity to input your information. 

You may then add blue keywords that describe your industry and skills, the red your hobbies and your interests and the white keywords represent what your are looking for. 

how can I edit MY contact card?

In the settings: edit card.


In the settings: edit card, edit bio and edit keywords.

why are keywords blue, red and WHITE?

The blue keywords represent your background and skills, the red your hobbies and interests and the white keywords represent what your are looking for. This enables the search by keywords and allows us to send you business match suggestions from our nearby or global database.


You can use in-app messaging to connect with nearby or global users by tapping on the profile of the person who strikes your interest, and then tap on the message icon to reach out. You can access the messages later in the bottom menu bar. 

how can i make my profile hidden?

You can only make the profile invisible in the nearby network by disabling location tracking (green icon next to keyword search).

how can i change my profile photo?

In the settings: edit card, tap photo in the top left corner.

how can i report someone or A fake profile? 

To report or block profile tap on the 3 dots in the bottom left corner of networking profile.

why is my hatch not working? 

If you are experiencing problems with Hatch please tap reach out to us in the app settings 'Report a problem' or email us at contact@hatch.vision. We appreciate your feedback.