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  • What is Hatch?
    Hatch is a digital connector that matches you with the most relevant members in real-time wherever you go with minimal interaction with the app. It was designed for busy people that value their time and understand the importance of high quality connections. It has light community features with industry hubs and event features.
  • How can I join?
    Hatch is a private network. You can apply via application or be referred by an existing member.
  • How can I create my profile?
    You create your profile during the signup process and you can also later edit it in the settings. There are 2 parts of your profile: 1. Digital business card (with your email, phone number, and address) that is only released when you approve someone's request for connection. 2. Networking profile (with your bio, expertise, industry, and what you are looking for) that is available to all members and is used to accurately match you with other members.
  • How does matching work?
    Hatch goes further than merely matching you with people you have a lot in common with. Our proprietary algorithms leverage user provided data to connect you with other members with whom you could develop a mutually beneficial business partnership.
  • What does the blue/red circle around user profiles stand for?
    These circles show you at a glance how much you have in common with each member. It's designed to save you time looking for who to connect with and allow you to quickly connect with those members who may have the skills and expertise most relevant to you .
  • What are connections?
    Connections are members that have approved your "request for connection". Think of it as your digital address book, but this one is always kept up to date. You can email, call or text your connections directly from the app.
  • What are industry hubs?
    You get access to your industry hub automatically when you create your profile. You can choose up to three industries that link you together with other people who share a similar professional background.
  • How can I connect with other members?
    You can connect with members via their profiles: In your matches On the main screen with profile bubbles Using main screen search Find the right member and tap on the bubble to start a chat or request to become a connection.
  • Why is events section empty?
    We are aiming to launch events in fall/winter 2023. Stay Tuned.
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